I'm Cece. Fuck you.

methamphitrite said: Friends have prescriptions and hooks that I can buy from, it’s not too hard to find Xanax or codeine or even ketamine

i’ve already asked a few friends and not one of them have prescriptions and i’m so #%$¨%%# pissed. 

lol i really need some morphine but HOW DA HELL am i supposed to fake a prescription without getting caught??? how the fuck do you guys get xanax and oxycodone without a prescription? is US the magic land of drugs?

Anonymous asked:
So you live in the shit hole of the world and all you do is get high?

lol tbh i’ve been sober for like 2 months until last night… 

i don’t think brazil is the shit hole of the world though, neither is my town, i even like it, but people here suck